Start your Business Now With The Virtual Reality Get Started

To Upload Models, you need to do:

Step One: specify files to upload

 Click the Select button and in the window that opens, select the folder where your files are stored. A folder can contain multiple files.

Step Two: submit the form

 Click the Submit button and wait for the process to finish. After downloading the files, the system will generate a code for each uploaded file (model) and will display on the form. To download or print the code click on the image. Each code contains the ID of your file (model). The code will be used in the application to demonstrate the model on your device. To download the app and run it on your device, follow the instructions. You can see your model on our website. To do this, go to the demo page or click here.

Model file Upload form

Select the folder in which the *.fbx or *.gwy files are stored for upload.

Please wait ...

Now you can Save/Print QR-code