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To Upload Your Model, to the demo scene, you need to do:

Step One: upload model

 This page gives you the opportunity to download the model to the demo scene. If your model is already uploaded to our repository, go to step 2. If you haven't uploaded your model to our repository yet, you need to go to the Upload FBX's page or click here and follow the instructions. Once your model has been uploaded to the repository, you can go back to this page and continue with step 2.

Step Two: specify model to upload

 Fill in Model ID field on the form of the demonstration scene. In the Model ID specify the model identifier, which were displayed when the FBX files were loaded.

Step Three: select model

 In the drop-down list of Models, select the desired model and click Show button. After some time the selected model should appear in the scene window.

A Model Demonstration scene

The scene isn't ready. Please wait...

Enter your model ID.

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You can choose a Demo Model to see it on stage